Monday, May 02, 2005

Swiss Policies And Turkish Views Differ

Under the headline "Switzerland: An ignorant approach" the website Turks.US the following article appeared. It is, of course, very biased, but addresses a sensitive issue.

Following Turkish History Organization President Professor Halacoglu's insistent and public rejection of Armenian genocide claims, Switzerland has issued an order for the professor's arrest, and has trying to have Interpol prepare a "red bulletin" for arrest in his name.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul issed a sharp response to the decision by Zurich Canton and some European parliaments to "forbid rejection of the Armenian genocide." Gul, speaking to Hurriyet, said that Europe making a "terrible mistake" and that if they did not realize this, Turkey would "show them their error by revealing the truth." Gul said that he thought Europe was trampling on its own foundations by issuing such decisions, and then queried "Isn't freedom of expression one of the cornerstones of Europe?" FM Gul also said that the decision taken by the Zurich Canton was anathema to the European Agreement on Human Rights.

Not a court-backed decision

Of the moves across Europe to ban outward rejection of the so-called Armenian genocide, Gul said further "There is nothing that has been proven. This is not a court decision. It is a politically motivated decision. How can you arrest a scientist (Professor Halacoglu) for something he is saying?"

FM Gul went on to condemn the poltics of Armenian backed lobbies in European parliaments across the EU.


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