Friday, April 15, 2005

Europe won't ask where its aid to Palestinians goes

This was in the MIAMI HERALD today. It's not good news...

Europe won't ask where its aid to Palestinians goes


What is going on at the European Union, the Palestinian Authority's primary benefactor? Despite the PA's embarrassing history of abetting terrorists and ignoring abject poverty of its own people while tolerating corrupt leaders, EU leaders continue to lavish princely sums on the sordid government. THe EU has forked over $800 million in the past five years, $250 million this year alone, without a clue as to how it is spent. Last month, EU investigators released a long-awaited, two-year report on numerous allegations that its humanitarian aid has been misappropriated and diverted for terrorist pursuits.

The ambiguous, sketchy report uncovered ''no conclusive evidence'' that the money was used for ''armed attacks or unlawful activities.'' A relieved European Commission announced this is 'proof no taxpayers' money'' is expended for such nefarious exploits.

''It's a whitewash,'' charges Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of Funding Evil: How Terrorism Is Financed and How To Stop It. ``You expect them to admit they fund terrorism? There are terrorists on the PA payroll.''

The EU's anti-fraud squad did manage to locate $238 million in donations that were secretly -- and illegally -- transferred to Swiss banks while sheepishly admitting the PA's ''underdeveloped accounting system may have been used for other than the intended purposes.'' Terrorism, perhaps?

While the European Union shuns the terror connection, others don't. The Funding for Peace Coalition, an England-based watchdog group, established what it believes are clear links between EU bequests and violence, highlighting ``the utter failure to monitor where these funds have been directed.''


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