Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Estonia Sings For Switzerland

Vanilla Ninja
Vanilla Ninja,
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The Swiss song at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest will be 'Cool Vibes' sung by the Estonian girl group Vanilla Ninja.

The song will receive its first television play on Staurday 5 March during a special Swiss TV show dedicated to fifty years of the Eurovision Song Contest.

'Congratulations! 50 years of the Eurovision Song Contest' will include clips from 50 years of Eurovision. Guests will include Lys Assia, Paola, Peter Reber, Pepe Lienhard, Francine Jordi and Piero Esteriore. The show will end with the premiere of 'Cool Vibes'.

The group revealed the title of the song during a web chat session organised by German music channel VIVA. Regular vanilla Ninja songwriter David Brandes composed the Eurovision song; it will feature on their forthcoming album 'Blue Tattoo'.


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