Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Home of the Free: Switzerland

A detailed praise of the Swiss system can be found at Frontpagemag. The article by J.P. Zmirak, an author and economist is a bit idealistic about the Swiss and excludes certain realities (i. e. immigration policies), but it feels good to read it. Here are two excerpts:

"We can hold Switzerland up to a world striving for guidance, as one of the most shining examples in history of spiritual greatness within physical smallness and as the most vital and convincing refutation of the assertion that the fundamental problems of mass civilization, of democracy and of the moral crisis of the West are insoluble."

Wow. And this:

"The tradition of direct democracy by referenda in all the cantons vividly reminds each politician that authority in Switzerland does not descend from above, as the monarchs of Europe used to assert. Rather, it rises from the people. Direct democracy is itself a standing rebuke to those politicians who would transfer key decisions about the lives of citizens to unelected, supranational bureaucracies.



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