Thursday, September 23, 2004

BUSINESS: Swiss Gate Gourmet and Delta go to court in food fight

A food fight Delta Air Lines is having with Swiss based caterer Gate Gourmet temporarily yanked regular food service off the menu for the struggling carrier.

the airline said a Georgia judge has ordered Gate Gourmet to resume full food and beverage service immediately.

Delta turned to the courts after telling its customers for the past day and a half that it was negotiating to end a vendor dispute.

Officials with Zurich, Switzerland-based Gate Gourmet, one of the world's largest airline caterers, acknowledged a spat with Delta but declined to explain the nature of the dispute.

"It's Delta's decisions -- I really can't comment," said spokeswoman Connie Voigt. She added she wasn't even sure if Delta remained a client as of Wednesday. She declined to say whether her company requested upfront payments in light of the possibility that Delta might file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Voigt and other Gate Gourmet officials were unavailable for comment after Delta announced it had a court order.

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