Tuesday, August 17, 2004

POLITICS: Swiss Voting System Aims to Help America Elect its President

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - In the 2000 US Presidential election, approximately 4 to 6 million votes were lost. The voting situation in the USA would therefore not truly reflect what the people want, says Beat Fehr, founder of Swiss Voting Systemâ„¢.

"People want to be certain of the correctness of election outcomes," says Fehr. Swiss Voting System aims to strengthen the U.S. citizens' confidence in the election system. Like Swiss chocolate, Swiss army-knives or Swiss watches, the Swiss voting system is known for accuracy and reliability and is highly prized by the people of Switzerland.

Swiss Voting Systemâ„¢ has taken the best of Swiss voting procedures and condensed the collected information into a compact report. The report also contains information on how to make the U.S. election procedures up to 10 times cheaper, Fehr claims.

On August 16, 2004, the Swiss Voting System Report was presented to the market. Over 2,000 U.S. election officials were informed about its availability. By implementing the findings of the report they now have the opportunity to reassure their voters that their vote will be accurately counted, processed and reflected in the final election results. They can thus help the voters to trust their election system again, so that every voter knows for sure: This time my vote counts.

For more information please visit www.SwissVS.org.
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