Wednesday, August 25, 2004

BUSINESS: Microsoft tests broadband TV in Switzerland

Microsoft has turned to a Swiss telecommunication operator for the first commercial trial of its system that delivers television signals to consumers over a broadband telecommunications network.

Beginning in September, Swisscom's Internet service provider (ISP) subsidiary Bluewin will deliver 25 TV channels to set top boxes in 600 homes.

During the four-month trial, testers will have access to five pay-TV channels and a video-on-demand service through the set top boxes, which also function as a digital video recorder with a live pause function, Microsoft said. Testers will have to pay for the service: €9.70 (£6.50) a month for 12 channels, or €15.50 for all 25, with pay-per-view films costing from €1.95 to €6.50 each.


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