Monday, September 27, 2004

In the Media: Swiss Election Results covered by Reuters and AP

The result of last weekend's elections in Switzerland have been carried in U.S. media, although exclusively through the reports of Associated Press and Reuters.

In what the AP called a "surprise result," the rejection of a two-part proposal to ease naturalization of second- and third- generation immigrants by 56.8% and 51.6% respectively, has been described as a victory for the conservative German-speaking regions.

Second-generation immigrants or "Secondos" are the first generation of children raised or born in Switzerland, while third-generation immigrants are first-generation immigrants' grand-children that have been born and raised in Switzerland.

The election results are said to be in accordance with the past 21 years of elections on the topic of eased naturalization and a further reinforcement of the "Hash-Brown Divide" of the alpine European country, the frontier between French- and German-speaking Swiss that runs along the popularity lines of the potato dish.


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